Over 300,000 patients clinically verified with Mobius3D

Over 300,000 patients have been clinically verified with Mobius3D: the complete patient QA system.

Using an in-house collapsed cone convolution/superposition algorithm with over 100 reference beam models, Mobius3D provides users with 3D dosimetry verification, phantomless IMRT QA, and daily treatment QA. More than 300 clinics worldwide have switched to Mobius3D for patient QA, using a mix of 4 manufacturers’ linear accelerators, 13 different multileaf collimators, 10 photon energies, 14 electron energies, and 8 treatment planning systems.

“Our goal has always been to bring physicists faster, smarter QA,” says Nathan Childress, PhD, DABR, Founder of Mobius Medical Systems, LP. “We always knew that meant supporting high patient volumes, and I am thrilled to see the huge numbers of patients verified by our users.”

Some Mobius3D users have verified over 5000 patients with a single server: University Medical Center Groningen in Groningen, Netherlands verified 12000 patients in just 3 years, and Herlev Hospital in Herlev, Denmark also verified over 11000 patients.

Even more clinics are quickly approaching these numbers. Over 40 Mobius3D installations have verified more than 2000 patients since adopting the system, including University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics Authority (3000 patients), Radiotherapiegroep Arnhem (5000 patients), and University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (4000 patients across two servers).

With over 300,000 patients clinically verified across all installations, Dr. Childress says, “We aren’t stopping now. Even after we reach 1,000,000 patients, Mobius Medical Systems will continue our mission to develop innovative QA software for modern radiation oncology.”

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