Mobius3D version 1.5 with Treatment Summaries released

We are happy to announce that Mobius3D v 1.5 is now available for download

Mobius3D v 1.5 includes the clinical release of the Treatment Summary module.  For users with the MobiusFX treatment verification module, the newest version of Mobius3D automatically verifies accurate delivery of every fraction in a patient’s course of treatment. A new Treatment Summary report displays an interactive analysis of each delivered fraction. If any discrepancies are found, Mobius3D determines the 3D dosimetric impact to the patient.

How to install v 1.5

To install v1.5, download the upgrade file (~781 MB) from Then, log in to Mobius3D as an Administrator, click the gear icon in the upper right of the screen to go to the Configuration page, choose “Update System Software”, select the upgrade file you just downloaded, and click “Apply update”. The upgrade process could take several hours to complete so we suggest starting it at the end of the day.

NOTE: All beam modeling will be reset and re-queued as part of the upgrade process.  The user interface now shows the status of all beam models, including auto-modeling status so you will know when modeling is complete.

Mobius3D v 1.5 includes the following new features:

  • Extended MobiusFX delivery verification to every fraction of a patient’s course of treatment. The new Treatment Summary screen allows simple, interactive analysis of each fraction in near real-time with additional PDF report and approval options. Upon upload of delivery logs (manually or via network share), the new fraction is verified against the original treatment plan. A delivered dose calculation will automatically be completed with any warnings or exceeded tolerances. Please note that Mobius3D Plan Checks from prior to version 1.5.0 will not be eligible for MobiusFX QA and Treatment Summary checks. Please re-calculate the plan in version 1.5.0 to make it eligible for MobiusFX checks.
  • Added built-in MobiusFX support for the Mobius Verification Phantom (MVP, click here for additional details). Combining MobiusFX with the MVP allows for quick ion chamber and film plane comparison to delivered dose calculations for commissioning, spot checks, and simplified investigation into failing QA plans. There is no need to create a separate QA plan or CT the phantom.
  • Added SRS cones calculation support (with add-on module) for Varian and Elekta machines. Cones between 4 mm – 30 mm are supported. Reference cone size output factors are included and allow customization. Please refer to Appendix G in the Mobius3D User Guide to see supported energies.
  • Added support for customization and override of the dose grid resolution used during 3D dose calculation. Voxel size choices are 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm, and 4 mm.
  • Added support for a customized CT HU to density conversion table.
  • Added support for creation of user-defined DVH limit sets. Custom limit sets can be automatically applied based on the physician’s name, plan name, and fractionation.