Mobius3D Version 1.4.2 Released

We’re happy to announce that Mobius3D v 1.4.2 is now available for download

Mobius3D version 1.4.2 adds support for Siemens 15MV Virtual Wedge and for TrueBeam Trajectory Log version 3.0 which released with the TrueBeam version 2.0 software update.

How to install version 1.4.2

To install v1.4.2, download the upgrade file (~200 MB) from (you will need to login with your credentials). Then, log in to Mobius3D as an Administrator, click the gear icon in the upper right of the screen to go to the Configuration page, choose “Update System Software”, select the upgrade file you just downloaded, and click “Apply update”. The upgrade process after that is fully automatic and will take about 20 minutes to complete.

Mobius3D v1.4.2 includes the following new features

  • Added support for Siemens 15MV virtual wedge.
  • Added support for Trajectory Log version 3.0 (TrueBeam 2.0).

Other improvements and fixes

  • Implemented a number of general stability improvements when the server is under high load.
  • Improved the stability of network configuration via the console when editing network settings without the system connected.
  • Improved Elekta beam matching and RMS checks.
  • QA check calculation does not stop due to negative leaf gap shown in the delivery logs.
  • Added brachytherapy source matching for I-125 OncoSeed model 6711, I-125 IsoAid, I-125 Best Medical model 2301, and I-125 SelectSeed model 130.002.
  • Improved the Mobius3D exception message when the MLC model shown in a RT-plan does not match the model in the Mobius3D license file.
  • Delivered dose is now calculated with delivered MU when available.
  • Fixed issue where customized Tomotherapy beam reports were not generated after beam model customization was completed.
  • Fixed issue with feet-first patient CT that previously caused a Mobius3D exception.
  • Adjusted the surface contamination dose in electron modeling for physical wedge plans to more closely match measurement. This fixes occasional odd surface dose behavior (spikes in dose profiles) for certain physical wedge plans.
  • Fixed “maxLeafExtentPerBank” exception for 3DMLC and microMLC.
  • Properly account for the unicode in plan name and guard leaves for MobiusFX Elekta QA checks.
  • Improved handling of Monaco single beam, double arc plans.
  • Delivery file matching failure fixed for ultra-fast (~1 second) delivery segments.
  • 10MV beam customization is now supported for the Synergy Netherlands model.
  • Fixed a Diode dose issue when the beam central axis does not intersect the patient that previously caused a Mobius3D exception.
  • “?” signs in patient ID and patient names are now supported.
  • Fixed the display label in the Electron Output Factor Tables to show MeV instead of MV.
  • Beam names now shown in Quick Calc results.
  • Fixed issue that now allows Mobius3D to correctly handle “#” sign in Linac machine names.