Mobius3D Version 1.4.1 Released

We’re happy to announce that Mobius3D v 1.4.1 is now available for download.

Mobius3D v1.4.1 includes the release of Mobius3D calculations for TomoTherapy® plans and also extends MobiusFX capabilities to Elekta machines.  Brachytherapy calculations and electron QuickCalc capabilities are also added in this version. Thank you to all users who have helped us during beta testing of these new features.

How to install v1.4.1

To install v1.4.1, download the upgrade file (~200 MB) from Then, log in to Mobius3D as an Administrator, click the gear icon in the upper right of the screen to go to the Configuration page, choose “Update System Software”, select the upgrade file you just downloaded, and click “Apply update”. The upgrade process after that is fully automatic and will take about 20 minutes to complete.

Mobius3D v1.4.1 includes the following new features

  • TomoTherapy support
  • MobiusFX Elekta support
  • Material-specific attenuation coefficients for TERMA calculations
  • Brachy support
  • Electron quick calc
  • Diode dose calculation support (customers can request a license to enable) (deleted from the support release note)
  • Plans waiting on DICOM files now time out after approximately 15 minutes.
  • User can define ROI density overrides in plan check setting
  • MFX QA Checks for Elekta now display the delivery machine.
  • MFX QA Checks now display the delivery start time above the beam information table.
  • M3D now supports mismatched patient treatment and imaging setups.
  • Diode dose calculation support – displays maximum central axis dose for each beam (customers can request a license to enable).
  • Added support for Varian 20 MV and 25 MV EDW calculations.
  • Added support for Varian 15 MeV and 18 MeV electron calculations.
  • Improved performance of the main patient screen on systems with many patients.
  • Implement tongue and groove effect on Varian HD120 MLC (optional, customers can reqeuest a license to enable).
  • Added programmatic API to get JSON for linac_qa checks (for research use).

Other fixes and improvements

  • Improved MobiusFX matching for Elekta plans.
  • Improved MobiusFX matching for plans with gantry angle at 180 degree.
  • Support CT attribute “Data Collection Center Patient” with a single value.
  • Adjusted Tomotherapy gantry angle display in UI.
  • Support unlocated POIs for tomotherapy.
  • Brachythrapy module handles an extra source that is not present in the plan.
  • Improve error display for plans that have beams with no MUs.
  • Fixed MLC leaf numbering display for deliverability checks.
  • Support dose reference structure type of “SITE” or missing prescription dose in brachytherapy plans.
  • Improved support for combined trajectory files for QA checks.
  • Changed Varian MLC leaf extent constraint from 20 cm to 20.1 cm.
  • Improved Electron quick calc 6 MeV accuracy by ~2% through finer PDD curve interpolation.
  • Fixed couch height override issue
  • Fixed data transfer alert issue for SnS and spilt-field IMRT plans
  • Use MU reported from trajectory log .bin file
  • Fixed beam on time issue
  • Ignore the dummy beams for plan check
  • Deleting Plan check should cascade to QA check
  • Fixed beam mask calculation cropping issue when some conformation has field with collimator rotation
  • Combine conformations for collision check to prevent plan time-out
  • Fixed small deviation between the DVH values and the data in the report
  • Fixed Photon Quick Calc user permissions issue
  • Photon Quick Calc ensures input values are retained after calculation. PDF gets the correct values
  • RTSTRUCT ROIs with ContourGeometricType of OPEN_NONPLANAR should be skipped during entity construction
  • Skip first ROI causes exception: “local variable ‘structure’ referenced before assignment”
  • Handle wedge entry with null wedge angle
  • The check to insure that most of a beam’s MU is delivered when the linac says the beam is on now triggers at 70% or less, down from 90%.
  • Multiple treatment logs for the same QA fraction should no longer create additional QA checks.
  • Handle cases where RMS calculation resulted in an error because MLC leaves were static.