Mobius3D Adds Support for TomoTherapy, Elekta, and Brachytherapy Calculations

Mobius Medical Systems releases Mobius3D version 1.4 adding Mobius3D support for Tomotherapy and MobiusFX support for Elekta machines

Mobius Medical Systems, LP, the leader in innovative software for quality assurance (QA) in radiation oncology, is pleased to announce the release of version 1.4 of their flagship software, Mobius3D, including the MobiusFX module.

This version introduces the first ever commercial plan verification software for TomoTherapy®.  With over 500 Tomotherapy systems sold around the world, this functionality will enable the clinicians using these machines to feel even more confident in their patient treatments.  TomoTherapy verifications include details that our existing Mobius3D users appreciate, such as DVH limit checks and stray voxel detection, which cannot be found in other verification software.

Nathan Childress Ph.D., the founder of Mobius Medical said, “Our company was formed in order to provide clinicians with tools that are extremely efficient, generate clinically-relevant results and provide the information they need to resolve issues.  We are pleased that we can continue to develop Mobius3D in order to deliver these important capabilities to more and more of our customers.”

Another new feature is the extension of MobiusFX delivery QA capabilities to users with Elekta linear accelerators.  MobiusFX utilizes linear accelerator log files and Mobius3D’s independently developed collapsed-cone algorithm to determine the 3D dose delivered to a patient, replacing conventional methods such as arrays, EPID or film.  Instead of 30 to 90 minutes per patient, MobiusFX only requires enough time to deliver the beams. This can be as quick as one minute, allowing clinicians to reclaim nights and weekends currently spent doing QA.

Brachytherapy support has also been added in version 1.4, giving clinicians a fast and easy method to perform verifications of both LDR and HDR plans.  Mobius3D implements TG-43 calculations for all common LDR and HDR brachytherapy sources. Calculations are automatically performed as soon as files are transferred to the Mobius3D server.