Mobius Medical Systems receives FDA clearance for CBCT Module

Mobius Medical Systems announced they have received clearance from the FDA to market and accept orders for the new CBCT module in Mobius3D.

The CBCT module is the first of its kind online tool for evaluating patient positioning and patient anatomy changes. Within 60 seconds of performing a cone-beam CT of the patient and performing recommended shifts Mobius3D reports a quantitative density gamma metric. Clinicians can use this metric to decide whether to proceed to treatment or not. The module can reveal incorrect shifts, changes in patient anatomy such as weight loss or even incorrect bolus placement. Once patient position is verified Mobius3D then calculates in vivo 3D dose for each treatment by using the measured log file data from the accelerator.

Neal Miller, Director of Marketing for Mobius Medical Systems stated, “With the addition of this module, we close the QA loop by including the patient in the equation. Mobius3D can provide unprecedented safety and accuracy for patient treatments by verifying plan quality, delivery precision and now patient positioning and anatomy changes too, all while bringing more efficiency to the department through automation.”

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