Mobius Medical Systems announces support for TG-148 in DoseLab

Houston, TX, December 15, 2016: Mobius Medical Systems, LP, announced today that DoseLab, the complete TG-142 solution, now fully supports AAPM TG-148: QA for Helical TomoTherapy. DoseLab provides comprehensive support for all tests outlined in TG-148, including: Y-jaw divergence/beam centering, Y-jaw/gantry rotation plane alignment, treatment field centering, MLC alignment, gantry angle consistency, couch speed uniformity, couch translation/gantry rotation, interrupted treatment, laser localization, and cheese phantom image quality. Trend analysis of TG-148 results can be performed in DoseLab’s web-based database viewer, alongside all daily, monthly, and annual QA results for linear accelerators.

“Our mission has always been to simplify and streamline machine QA,” said Dr. Nathan Childress, founder of Mobius Medical Systems. “Incorporating TG-148 into DoseLab offers TomoTherapy users the same quick, accurate, and detailed machine QA results that so many others have come to rely on for TG-142.”

About DoseLab
DoseLab is the leading machine QA software solution, with active installations in nearly 1000 centers worldwide. Operating with sub-pixel accuracy, DoseLab provides zero-click machine QA analysis with its
AutoQA module and is the only TG-142 software solution to offer built-in templates for daily, monthly, and annual mechanical checks.

About Mobius Medical Systems
Mobius Medical Systems, LP, offers innovative and powerful software solutions for quality assurance in radiation oncology. Mobius Medical Systems develops both DoseLab and Mobius3D, which provide clinicians worldwide with the important data they need to ensure the safe, efficient treatments.

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