Herlev Hospital uses Mobius3D to perform QA on 56,000 patient fractions

The Department of Oncology at Herlev Hospital is one of Denmark’s largest oncology treatment centers and is recognized as a pioneering leader in radiation oncology. As one of the early adopters of the Mobius3D patient QA system for all nine of their linear accelerators, Herlev has extensive experience with the software.

The group reported that in a one-year period ending in 2015 Mobius3D was used to assess the quality of over 3,500 patient plans. The system also performed pre-treatment, patient-specific verification of those plans, while also continuously monitoring individual fractions to confirm the safety and accuracy of each delivery. Within one year’s time, Mobius3D had verified a remarkable total of over 56,000 patient fractions in this clinic alone.

Sune Kristian Buhl, one of Herlev’s medical physicists stated, “Not only is Mobius3D more time-efficient than our former methods, all verifications are done on the actual patient anatomy. This increases our trust in the data and provides more confidence in the safety and accuracy of the treatments that our patients are receiving.”