ACR confirms log file measurements acceptable for IMRT/VMAT QA

The American College of Radiology (ACR) recently published a statement on their website answering the question of whether the ACR ROPA program considers log files generated from the treatment machine an acceptable “alternative” measurement for IMRT/VMAT for patient QA. The ACR states that log files are acceptable as long as they are generated using the patient’s IMRT/VMAT plan before the start of patient treatment, and that the medical physicist, along with the radiation oncologist have assured that the measurements verify the actual radiation doses the patient will receive. Two-dimensional detector arrays are specified as another ‘alternative’ method in the ACR-ASTRO Practice Guidelines for IMRT.

Nathan Childress Ph.D., founder of Mobius Medical Systems said, “We developed our log file based QA system, Mobius3D, to provide clinicians with a more efficient and more accurate way to perform patient specific quality assurance. We are pleased to have the ACR confirm that using log files qualifies as an alternative IMRT/VMAT QA method.”

Mobius Medical System’s Mobius3D software is the only commercially available system utilizing measured log files to perform patient specific end-to-end testing. Mobius3D uses the measured data from log files and a proprietary collapsed-cone convolution-superposition algorithm to determine three-dimensional dose to the patient. The process is completely automated and requires only the time needed to deliver the treatment fields.